How we work

We believe the way we work is as important as what we do

We’re all about

Listening first

to understand your objectives and where the specific challenges are; What’s in place now for returners? For line managers? What’s working well? Who and where are the role model working parents? What would be even better if..?

Just for you

never off the shelf solutions. We invest time getting to know our clients. We work with you to create a mentoring programme for returning parents which is bespoke to your organisation’s context and which reflects your culture and language.

Ownership with confidence

we will share our experience from working across different industries and businesses and offer you specialist insights and knowledge to build robust mentoring programmes, which enable you to take ownership of your programme and move forward with confidence.

For the long term

our experience of coaching and mentoring tells us employees who have been helped, want to ‘pay back’ and will often become the next generation of mentors. In this way your internal mentoring programme has the potential to be self-sustaining for the future.

Respecting costs

we’ve been there and we get the pressure on budgets. Internal mentoring is cost effective and allows access to support for all. After an initial investment, the ongoing costs relate simply to the time contributed by you and your internal team of mentors and mentees.

Return on investment

mentoring done well delivers a long-term pay back, increasing retention, continuation of careers and improving the gender balance of your talent pipeline.

Continuous learning

we’re on a learning journey too and are carrying out specific research into the value of internal mentoring for returners in an effort to contribute to wider understanding and good business practice.

Let’s talk

If you have questions or you’d like to have a conversation about how mentoring new parents might make a difference to your organisation, please get in touch.

We’d love to hear from you!

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