About us

Nicki Seignot is a director of Purple Shark an independent coaching and development consultancy and creator of The Parent Mentor.

An established coach, mentor and working parent, Nicki pioneered the introduction of maternity mentoring to the Asda Wal-Mart Home Offices in 2011, over 200 returners have been mentored to date.

What we do

We believe mentoring for new parents is an essential mechanism within effective Talent Management and Diversity and Inclusion strategies.

How we work

How we work is as important as what we do.

In the news

What’s happening with The Parent Mentor.

The inspiration for The Parent Mentor

As a working parent, Nicki is well placed to understand the challenges of combining a career and parenting.

The business case

By investing in returning talent, organisations are much more likely to retain their best employees and have them working at their best.

Be the start of something

It’s time to pioneer a change. Let’s have a conversation about how internal mentoring might make a difference to your organisation.

Purple Shark Ltd is an independent consultancy delivering high quality coaching and development solutions.

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