The business case

Becoming a parent re-calibrates an individual’s relationship with work and their life outside of work.

At an organisational level, there are huge costs associated with losing experienced and talented employees when they start a family and, in the interest of building a more diverse and balanced workforce, you need your people to return engaged and motivated to progress their career. In the race for talent, the challenge is as much about working with the talent you have as it is finding and recruiting new people.

Mentoring support for returners delivers;

For the organisation

  • Increased retention of much needed talent, skills and experience
  • Improved diversity across the talent pipeline and at senior levels longer term
  • Commercial and business benefits associated with improved diversity
  • Improved re-engagement and pace of delivery post return
  • A sightline of talent on maternity / paternity / adoption leave
  • A cost effective development solution, using the strengths, skills and expertise of your own people within the organisation
  • Improved coaching and mentoring skills of managers as mentors
  • Contribution to corporate social responsibility and reputation as an employer of choice

And for the returner

  • Support for the transition to working parenthood for all (irrespective of level)
  • Keeping connected while on maternity / paternity / adoption leave
  • A personal investment and sense of value to the business
  • Space to reflect on the development opportunity and new skillsets
  • Supporting individual preparation and a smoother return to work
  • Faster re-engagement with their professional ‘self’
  • Keeping on track for continuing their career with the organisation

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