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The Parent Mentor is a registered trademark of Purple Shark Ltd an independent consultancy delivering high quality coaching and development solutions.

Nicki Seignot is the founder and Director of Purple Shark and has over 30 years’ experience in the field of HR, leadership development, coaching and mentoring within the Retail, Manufacturing and Transport sectors. During that time she has worked closely with senior leaders and executive board members to design and implement mentoring and coaching schemes, talent management and lead flagship leadership development programmes.

Purple Shark Ltd

The Purple Shark story

A family swim at the local swimming pool in Amersham, found my youngest daughter inconsolable at the top of the water slides. To go down the purple slide meant stepping through a huge painted shark's mouth, which she was convinced would crunch down and finish her off. After much discussion and an encouraging nudge, she took the plunge into the unknown, swept into the vortex of gushing white water. Ejected at considerable speed into the plunge pool at the bottom of the slide, she jumped out saying;

'That was great, can I do it again?'

This has become something of a family legend and when she - or any one of us - is faced with a fear about doing something, we visualise that same situation and ask

'Could this be a Purple Shark moment?'

How much do our fears prevent us from taking a chance and moving forward? There is something about a helpful conversation at just the right time, and sometimes it's worth taking a risk because the results may be better and more exciting than you thought possible.

So what’s your Purple Shark moment?


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